Yoga for Recovery is a companion practice for people who are in treatment for addiction and trauma. It is designed to compliment active participation in a 12 step program or structured therapy.

Recovery from addiction and trauma involves healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Twelve-step programs support emotional healing; our issues in our tissues need a physical outlet. This class is designed to provide a gentle physical release of the chemical impurities stored in our bodies from past trauma, drugs, and alcohol.  Twisted yoga studio is a safe space, without judgments, where people are free to share experience and resources and cultivate community.  The Yoga for Recovery practice is gentle and accessible to all levels and experience.

Linking breath and movement while allowing thoughts and emotions to rise and watching as they dissipate is an incredibly powerful way to open up the recovery process for oneself.  This class will teach breath techniques and focus on the connection between breath and movement. Practicing this integration while allowing thoughts and emotions to rise and dissipate is an incredibly powerful way to open up the recovery process for oneself. Yoga can be a healthy habit where we deepen our connection to the infinite divine, or universal energy that exists inside of each and every one of us. A noontime ritual of mindfulness and breath can recharge our body’s systems to support wellness.

What you should know before coming to class:

  • Wear loose fitting or athletic clothes that you can move in
  • Yoga is typically practiced with bare feet
  • All exercises can be adapted according to individual needs, if you need a modification, just ask!
  • Be mindful of start time
  • Commit to the entire class, you are welcome to lie down at any time for any duration, or take another resting posture of your choice
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