We are a Membership-Based studio—an inspired community of individuals with one common attribute: the desire to live bigger, brighter, and with more intention. We do offer Drop In Classes and Class Packs, but they come at a higher price point per class and expire in 3 months.

Tis the season to give yoga

Our Intro Offers are available for Arizona Residents only. 


If you need to freeze your account, please email or stop by Twisted Yoga Studios as soon as possible. Membership accounts can be frozen for up to 3 months for a cost of just $10 per month. Please provide a Two-Week notice prior to billing date in order to freeze your account.

In the unfortunate event that you would have to cancel your membership, please note that 30 day notice is required in person (Phone calls or voicemails will not be accepted). Please stop by Twisted Yoga Studios to complete the cancellation.

Refund will be reviewed by management on a case by case scenario.

Please come see us or give us a call at 480-921-3333 if you have any questions, whether it is about your yoga practice or about your membership account, someone will be happy to assist you!

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