Supporting Local Artist is an especially important element of Twisted Yoga Studios. Not only do we support yoga instructors with their art form, but we support ALL artist in our community! We are always looking to help support local artist!! If you are interested in having your art shown at the studio, please send an email to:

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Ryan Carey, “Existence seems to be only the recent past or the near future. My work focuses on the beauty of the here and now.
With each mark on the canvas, I use air from my lungs to create a moment in existence. To return to the human element in art, I use only my breath and thinned oil paint to compose my work.
Using a stream of consciousness composition I amalgamate the colors into a literal representation of my breath and mark the present act of creation.” This beautiful technique can be witnessed by watching this video or follow him on Instragram.

Ryan’s work is available for purchase online through Mindbody or at the front desk. Questions? Please reach out to for answers!

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