Twisted Yoga’s Own Somatic Therapist

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Introducing Moylan Ryan, Somatic Therapist

Moylan Ryan, Somatic Therapist

“My work focuses on helping to unwind one’s limiting embodied conditioned historical shape, supporting you to re-shape yourself into a more relaxed, integrated and aligned being.”


Ready to discover your life purpose?

Structural Integration – Overview of the 10 sessions

I. ‘Inspiration’
Theme is living an Inspired life.
Focus is on rib cage and muscles of respiration.

2. ‘Taking a stand in life’
Theme is establishing self support and an autonomous directional compass in life.
Focus is on aligning feet with lower legs, creating ease in movement.

3. ‘Reaching your Potential’
Theme is giving and receiving, creating assertive boundaries, reaching goals.
Focus is on relieving tension in the arms, shoulders and sides of the torso.

4. ‘Yielding to your Greatness’
Theme is releasing what you’re holding inside.
Focus is on the inside of the legs from the ankles to the pelvic floor.

5. ‘Trusting your Gut’
Theme is developing your emotional intelligence; trusting how you feel.
Focus is on the abdomen, the hip flexors and the deep seated Psoas muscle.

6. ‘Holding Back’
Theme is how tension in the bodymind limits your ability to move forward in life.
Focus is on bringing symmetrical balance to the pelvic structure.

7. ‘Unmasking your authentic self’
Theme is liberating your true identity from conditioned perceptions.
Focus is on fascia of the head, neck and face.

8, 9 & 10 ‘Integration towards harmony’

Theme is to access an empowering flow of embodied thought, feeling and wisdom. To allow full self expression to radiate through the vehicle of your body.

Focus is on creating harmonious movement in fascial sheaths as they relate to one another, preventing the return of tension and stress to the bodymind.

60-minute session $130
Twisted Yoga Studios Members receive exclusive pricing – call for details!!


Ready to take your yoga practice to the next level?

Fascial Stretching
Rejuvenate, heal and empower your body’s soft tissue.
Cultivate greater flexibility and ease of movement.
Look and feel younger.
Maintain a healthy resting length in your muscles and the fascia that surrounds them.
Become less prone to injury.
Allow disorganized muscle and collagen fibers to realign themselves.
Improve range of motion and enhance joint function.
Create a range of motion that encompasses your body, mind and emotions.
Spend less energy maintaining posture in your gravitational field.

30-minute session $40
Twisted Yoga Studios Members receive exclusive pricing – call for details!!


Somatic Psychotherapist (Europe)
Rolfing Practitioner (clients include Arizona Diamondbacks & Coyotes)
Faculty and Administrative positions (Arizona Sate University and Arizona College)
Aikido Teacher and Director of Instruction
Movement Educator

Professional Memberships:
The Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado
Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
Appointments available at:
Twisted Yoga Studios
937 E Broadway Rd, Suite 4
Tempe, AZ 85282

602-308-9394 CALL OR TEXT

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