Summer of Manifestation

May 18, 2019

10:00 - 2:00

Docktails Beach Club


Stressed out?
Tired of being tired?
Worry that you aren’t living your life purpose? Feel like you still haven’t quite mastered this “manifestation” stuff?
Have you read books, attended workshops, and listened to podcasts, leaving you with an abundance of knowledge, but with little change in your life? Ready to discover the story living inside you and become empowered to write a new one?

True transformation requires an embodied experience

Our unique summer series unifies the body, mind and voice by recognizing that in order to call in the life of your dreams you must RESHAPE your body, CONTROL your mind, and FIND your voice.

Each session will give you the opportunity to:

Transform your body, mind and voice

Develop a sense of who you are and what you want

Connect with yourself and your Soul Tribe

If you sense deep yearning for something different…if you are ready to step into the role of author of your life story, join us for this special summer series.

Worrier to Warrior – May 18th 10 am-2 pm (4 hours) $75 (early bird $50) SIGN UP HERE

SUMMER SOLSTICE – Stress to Success – June 22 10 am-6 pm (8 hours) $150 (early bird $125) SIGN UP HERE
Tired to Thriving? Tension to Intentional – July 20 10 am-6 pm (8 hours) $150 (early bird $125) SIGN UP HERE

Secure your spot at all three sessions for $225, CLICK HERE

Each session will include:

· Yoga that focuses on opening up your heart, releasing energy not serving you, and making space for what you intend to manifest

· Experiential Somatic Training that teaches you how to shed the burden of the unexpressed life as you unwind the tension in your body and release trauma allowing form fluid motion and the unrestricted flow of energy

· Lunch that will nourish your cells and give you time to connect with facilitators and make new friends.

Following the group training, choose from a number of diverse activities* that will support your journey:

· Aerial Yoga – Fear of failing expresses as fear of falling. Learn where you hold fear in your body and release it, making room for more joy.

· Aqua Yoga – Aqua yoga adapts the postures and principles of yoga, including breathing and mindfulness, to an aquatic environment.

· Sound Healing – Float in the pool while experiencing sound that encourages harmony at a deep cellular level.

· Meditation – Experience different mediation focused on calming the monkey mind and fine-tuning your intuition.

· Chanting – When you into the power of your voice, it is easier to speak your truth and ask for what you want in life.

· Breath Work – Practice different techniques that promote relaxation and set the stage for massive manifestation.

· Somatic Wellness – Understand how your life is reflected in the shape of your body and learn exercises that will reshape your body, allowing it to become the conduit and container for the abundance you are calling in.

Join us at Docktails Beach House by the pool for a summer series that will help you find your EDGE so you can EXPAND into the life you were meant to live.

****Not all activities offered at each session

Twisted Yoga's Own Somatic Therapist

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