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The Expand Your Happy! Movement connects like-minded people seeking ways to optimize their time here on planet Earth by simply living life in a more joyful way. We believe if everyone was happier, the world would be a much different place (don’t you?).

Think about it: When you are happy life flows with grace and ease. Your relationships are more harmonious, you are less stressed, you are more likely to experience optimal health, your thoughts are clear, you have more energy, and you sleep like a baby. In short – when you are happy, your experience of reality changes for the better.

The Expand Your Happy! Movement is not about being happy-all-the-time; we understand and embrace life’s natural ebbs and flows. However, this movement is dedicated to helping you understanding how to shift your state by taking responsibility for your mental, physical and spiritual wellness. The diverse topics we cover all fall under the umbrella of “self-care” – we talk about things like breath work, movement, self-love, mediation, forgiveness, energy work, journaling, diet and nutrition.

We sponsor FREE events that support your Happiness Practice by hosting speakers who share information, exercises, and techniques that help you live the life you know you can have. Our no cost Wednesday meetings are all experiential; you will be participating in an exercise that shifts your state, gives you an insight, or helps you solve a challenge you are facing (and soemtimes all three!).

We also promote low-cost workshops that dig deeper into the weekly topics that you find most interesting.

Join the movement and Expand Your Happy!

Our Next Event: This BY DONATION class is for anyone who is looking to get into meditation (or who wants to up their meditation practice) and who wants to reduce stress, anxiety and self-judgment.

No prior experience needed – come as you are 🙂

You will learn a variation of breathing exercises, visualization exercises and the experience will include singing bowls and flutes!

About the facilitator:

Joey Bellus has been a health and fitness professional for 15 years and has practiced and taught meditation/personal development for the last eight years. He is passionate about helping people obtain a better quality of life through fitness, meditation and leadership. His philosophy is that a healthy body is just one part in becoming a healthier, courageous, more fulfilled human being. Joey sets himself apart from other fitness and leadership professionals by the results his clients see mentally, physical and emotionally. He is just as committed to helping his clients develop on the inside, as he is to helping them develop on the outside.

Joey received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sciences and Wellness from Arizona State University and achieved certifications from accredited fitness programs. He has also completed coursework in numerous personal development programs.

Joey has owned Optimal Performance Training since 2008 and is continuing to grow his company through fitness, meditation and leadership coaching.

Link to Register: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=718980&stype=-7&sView=day&sLoc=0&sTrn=100000030&date=05%2F24%2F19

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