Beginners Aerial Yoga

Elevate your yoga practice with the support of the aerial silk hammock. In this unique style of yoga, you’ll explore some familiar shapes and postures in new planes helping you bend a bit deeper and invert with ease. After a centering warm up, you’ll move through poses that will build upper body & core strength, You’ll cool down with some restorative stretches and perhaps one of the most blissful savasanas floating in the silk. Because of the techniques involved we recommend choosing a class level that matches your experience with Aerial Yoga.

****Slower paced class with focus on foundational aerial yoga poses & basic transitions to build your practice. Recommended for students newer to aerial.*****

Yoga Sculpt

For yogis looking to break a sweat and leave feeling uplifted and refreshed, Yoga Sculpt was designed with you in mind!

Yoga Sculpt is a high-intensity, dynamic yoga practice that incorporates resistance interval training and cardiovascular exercise into traditional yoga sequences. Yogis use their own bodyweight, small hand weights and elastic bands to deepen the power of their yoga practice while chiseling their body into shape. Designed to target and tone all the major muscle groups. 

Yoga Sculpt gets the blood pumping and the breath flowing, burns an incredible amount of calories and provides a full body workout that focuses on strengthening, lengthening, balancing and fortifying from the outside in.

yoga zen

Yoga Zen invites you to enjoy gentle movements along with restorative postures and deep guided meditation designed to release tension and ease the mind. This class is coupled with the sweet healing melodies of crystal and alchemy singing bowls, the gong, drums and chimes. Create a calm place at the end of your day to nourish your nervous system. You will leave feeling nurtured and recharged. Perfect for those seeking restfulness, conscious relaxation, and are curious about meditation.

All ages, levels, and abilities welcome and encouraged.

slow flow

Slow Flow: This class still has the feel of a  typical vinyasa class while slowing down the pace of class. You will move mindfully while building both strength and balance on the yoga mat. Enjoy slowing down, moving mindfully but powerfully, and breathing deeply. Open to all levels.

elevate your asana

For All Levels. This class is designed to cover the basics of Aerial Yoga. Learning how to invert, fly, and flow, we will use the Aerial Hammock to keep alignment, build strength in the body and improve flexibility. Aerial Fabric (also called Aerial Silks) is a beautiful, creative, and challenging art form that builds unparalleled upper body and core strength, kinesthetic awareness, coordination, and confidence. Appropriate for first time Aerial Yoga students as well as those who want to continue to learn or refine their basic Aerial Yoga practice. Anyone with determination and a great work ethic can progress quickly in these classes.

elevate your asana level 2

Elevate your Asana (Aerial Yoga) LEVEL 2 is a more diverse class. Offering the student more opportunities to go deeper into your Aerial Yoga practice.

This class will build on traditional moves you’re familiar with and sequence them together or take them to new heights! We will also work towards new transitions, a deeper core challenge, longer inversions, and building whole body strength.

Mastering of the Elevate Your Asana (Aerial Yoga) All Levels class are a Prerequisite for this class.

aerial dance

There is always a story to tell through our movement & our music, especially within aerial dance. Along with building stamina through a beautiful routine, this class will help you develop musicality, intention & character while emphasizing clean movement & lines.

Students will learn a choreographed routine that builds week over week each month to master the art of flows, transitions, and connecting movements with musicality in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

This class encourages creativity to move. Be prepared to spend lots of time in the air!

**Please note that you can join this class at any time during the month, the class is divided into conditioning, warmup, and then learning the choreography. The instructor will assist with getting you up to speed.


Yoga is a spiritual practice yoking the body, the mind, and the spirit. Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness, provides an opportunity to experience the you inside of YOU through breath (pranayam), physical movement (asana), chanting (mantra) and meditation. It is a technology to assist the practitioner with discovering the subtle energy bodies within and around them. It is the science of changing and strengthening your radiance to give you an expanded life and greater capacity for all that it brings you.

All levels are welcome and encouraged.

twisted vinyasa

An invigorating yoga flow of one breathe per movement integrating core work that strengthens, stretches, and balances the body and mind.

Open to all levels.

skywalker strength & felibility

Sky Walker Lab- Strength & Flexibility is designed to introduce basic toning, strengthening and sculpting, that will prepare and enhance your body for Aerial Yoga practice. The aerial silks will be used to support and enhance asanas (postures) while using your own body weight as resistance to build long, lean and toned muscles. Pranayama (breathing techniques) will be practiced to create heat, to cool and to enhance the mind and body connection. A deep savasana will end this class, allowing the body to absorb the benefits, fully.

aerial yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra (Psychic sleeping) – Yoga Nidra is the art of conscious relaxation. It is a powerful practice where the body and mind are liberated from their tensions and anxiety. One learns how to put the body into sleep while the mind remains fully awake. The brain wave drops into the theta state where deep levels of healing takes place on the emotional, mental, and physical planes. It is known to reduce stress and anxiety, cure insomnia, bring clarity, peace, strengthen desired qualities and enhance one’s ability to dream consciously and actualize personal goals.

During Nidra we bring our brain waves from the active Beta state to just before Delta (sleep) and we practice keeping the brain waves in this Theta state, where deep healing and relaxation can occur. This means while allowing the body to fall asleep, the mind remains awake, alert and relaxed. It is a completely guided meditation, done while lying in savasana, on one’s back in the Aerial Silks.

If you’d prefer a grounded savasana, just let us know!

relax and restore

This all-levels class will take you head-to-toe(s) through a range of stretches and yoga postures that help to release muscular tension and improve range of motion. Guided breathwork, relaxation techniques, and meditation will be included to soothe the nervous system and strengthen the mind-body connection moving you towards a deep sense of inner peace.


With All Aerial Yoga Classes: You can bring a yoga mat to class, but it is not necessary. Socks with grip bottoms are sufficient. Wear a shirt that covers your underarms completely. Do not wear jewelry, belts, or clothing with grommets, gems, zippers or anything that could potentially snag the fabric. Avoid excessively lose shorts or very baggy clothing.

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