Let’s #GetTwisted

Let’s #GetTwisted

Twisted: forced out of its natural or proper shape. Let’s Get Twisted out of your every day routine and start to shape a new one with yoga!

It’s time to talk about mindfulness. That’s the practice, habit, and philosophy of paying attention to the present moment. When you practice yoga, you’re mindful not only of the emotions caused by other people’s actions, but the effects of your own actions, too. This discipline teaches you that everything you do affects your environment and yourself. It’s not only about the physical practice.

The asanas are just one small part of the whole. Together with the discipline of breath, mind and emotions, the physical practice pushes you to dig deeper. You’re revealing the hidden layers of your personality and you’re becoming the person you always wanted to be — that happy, vibrant, energetic person that lights up every room. When you make your body and mind feel good, your entire life will improve.

If you’ve made it this far and you’re craving a transformation of your own, we can help you get there. Transformation doesn’t just happen. It takes a plan and a support system. Jumpstart your personal transformation and get on track to build your best life with us at Twisted Yoga Studios.


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